I was talking with a friend at FCHS, and I got an urge to admire the years of student art work that decorated the hallway. I’d been to the school plenty of times before then. For some reason or another, I hadn’t found the time to look at the pieces in the Tommye Sue Murphy Gallery, even though I wanted to SOOOO badly. The gallery and hallways display the artwork of many of Tommye Sue’s former students.

I was not going to let this moment slip by… again.

I began to notice some great pieces. Some by people I knew. Some by others I didn’t. It was a great throw-back to my good ol’ high school days. 🙂

Then, I saw it.

One of my drawings! A drawing I drew of my nephew, 3J, when he was almost a year old. What?!? I was very surprised to see it, to say the least. Yeah, I was a former student of Tommye Sue’s, but I had TOTALLY forgotten that I did this piece!!! I didn’t consider it to be a masterpiece, by any means. It was just a drawing I did… one day… just because I loved my sweet, awesome, cuddly nephew. That was it. Now, it was hanging on the wall with some other pieces that I considered to be more deserving, more worthy of a “AWESOMENESS” status. But there he was, looking all cute and innocent, captivating, wanting a little attention. Of course, 3J isn’t a baby anymore. He’s now in high school, talks with a little bass in voice and may not be all that innocent. 🙂 Wow! I had captured a special moment of my nephew and it only took me 15 years to appreciate it.

Great reminder for me to stop every once in a while and smell the roses… or admire some art work. Might be surprised at what I’ll find hanging on the wall.


Getting back in the habit… with Major


Well, I figured that it was about time that I got my act together and stopped neglecting my blog. 🙂 I’ve been making myself get back to the drawing board this summer. It’s been quite a challenge, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

I completed this portrait last week for a dear friend of mine, Lydia. She asked me two years ago to draw it for her, and after two failed attempts, I gave up. She retired this year with over 30 years of excellent service in the Franklin County School System. 30 YEARS!?!? After 30 years of kiddos spitting, singing & crying on her, I figured that I should get going with her portrait. This was her horse, Major, who unfortunately, passed away some years ago due to a lightning strike.

Honored that I could do a portrait for her. Congrats, Lydia!

The lighting in the picture isn’t the best… please forgive me. 🙂

Mollie & Sam


This is my first pet portrait that I’ve ever done!

I promised some AWESOME friends of mine that I would draw a portrait of their pets. This was a huge step for me considering that I had NEVER done a portrait of animals and was very happy NOT to do so. What can I say? The curiosity killed that thought dead in the water. 🙂

This was the first portrait & I have a looong way to go on the second portrait.

I wouldn’t make a habit out of drawing animal portraits, but I have to admit…. it was pretty fun!


Pencil & watercolor

Just finished this drawing of my baby sister, Catherine. Of course, she’s not a baby anymore. She’s taller than I am (5’8″ to my 5’4″), more beautiful & so much more smarter than I am in a lot of respects.

(Do I get “Sister Points” for that one? 🙂 )

I based this drawing off of an old photo of Cat when she was in Pre-K. I’ve always wanted to draw it, but feared that it wouldn’t look like her. Oh well! Just decided that I would stop putting all of my time and energy into being afraid of drawing it and well, … just draw it.

I learned two things about myself as I was drawing this picture:

1. I am SOOO protective of my younger bruhs & sustahs! If I got paid $1 for every time I told my little cousins and my nephew, Jaylen, “You don’t talk or treat my sister, Cat, like that!” over the past month, I’d have my car paid for… in cash!

2. I MISS THOSE PIGTAILS!!! I laughed the whole time I was drawing this piece! Mama would fix all three of our hair in those awesome pigtails ALL THE TIME! Those hairbows were the epiphany of greatness!

She’s so sweet, cute & innocent!

SOOOOOO thankful for little sisters! Love you so much, Cat!

Mia Ma!

Pencil, oil pastel, watercolor

I finished this drawing of my Mama about two weeks ago. It’s kind of funny, but it looks most like Mia Ma when I lay it down & look at it from an angle! 🙂


Oh well, I like it anyway!

When I was in college, I took an African Studies class & FELL IN LOVE with the Adinkra symbols from West Africa & their meanings. I was looking at some of my earlier sketches that I had done of Adinkra symbols & I HAD to put them in the pic.

I chose the top five symbols that I felt described my Mama the best. Here they are from top to bottom in the drawing:

FIRST (very top!):

AKOKONAN, which literally means, “the leg of the hen”. It represents mercy and nurturing.


NYAME BIRIBI WO SORO, which means, “God is in the heavens”. It is the symbol for hope. So glad Mia Ma had some or Lord only knows where I would be. 🙂


DUAFE, which means, “the wooden comb”, and it is a symbol of beauty, hygiene & feminine qualities.


WAWA ABA, which means, “the seed of the wawa tree”. It is a symbol of hardness, toughness & perseverance.


ODO NNYEW FIE KWAN, which means, “Love never loses its way home”. It is the symbol of the power of love.

Love you, Mia Ma!!!